“Be You”

Hey Beautiful!

Yes, you! If you do not know me and are new to the #WHOLEONLIFE , let me tell you a little bit of myself.

My name is Britany Kasjak, known as Brit or Whole On Life. I am currently 23 years old and I am super into the health and wellness world. I love to be in the kitchen creating and experimenting with healthy recipes, along with finding new health hacks, bio-hacking, and sharing my lifestyle through various content platforms.

Lately on the blog, I wanted to introduce more… like yes, I have a tremendous passion in health but I want to share a bit more about my lifestyle whether it’s from fashion, travel, fitness, work, homestyle, hobbies, goals and everyday routines that keep me fuelling throughout the day.

Anyways, what I want people to get from my blog and my social media platforms is to be inspired and motivated, to be the BEST YOU! Whether you want to create a recipe at midnight because you are ready to start taking better actions towards yourself or simply you love getting ideas to fuel your lifestyle from everyday simple routines.

Having a healthy lifestyle which is so hard nowadays, because of social norms it can be challenging. We are not perfect 100% of the time but effort always counts at the end of the day. The importance of taking care of yourself and living a healthy lifestyle has so much more to offer, than you think. A lifestyle full of restrictions only hold you back and are not worth the damage for the future. I’ve been there and it’s not pretty either. Taking one day at a time to create HEALTHY HABITS is the way to SUCCEED to everything in your life.


Love, xo