About Whole Finds

Whole Finds // an idea

As someone who loves thrifting, I see high quality clothing being thrown out almost every day. I wanted to find a way to take these garments and turn them into something new, that people would be proud to own and wear.

One of the core ideas behind my Whole on Life brand is the notion of trying not to waste anything, whether thats food, opportunities, or in this case, clothing.

Whole finds sources quality and comfy clothing that don’t have a home. I then take these pieces, personally design and hand embroider them, to share with the world.

You’ll find designs ranging from script text to hedgehogs, and everything in between.

If you love the idea of saving resources, not wasting money, and giving a longer life to products, then you’ll love Whole Finds.

Nothing is perfect while designing a secondhand masterpiece. It’s the imperfections that make it unique. All designs are 100% imperfect, but totally wearable.

I try my best to choose the most appropriate and well sought out garments while souring materials. Since all garments are purchased at a second hand shop, small variances may occur.

Love, Britany ❤️