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Combo (Kitchen Makeover + Grocery Tour)


Grocery Tour

Do you go grocery shopping with a purpose in mind, or do you just walk around the store aimlessly?

Well wouldn’t it be nice to have a tour of your favourite grocery store and understand the ins and outs of the foods that you’re buying?

Food is not all made equally. That being said, it is important to:

  • Understand why certain produce/products are placed where they are.
  • Understand where and how to shop for your foods.
  • Understand nutritional facts but most important the ingredients you are going to consume with what you buy.

What you choose and buy usually gets consumed by your beautiful body. What you decide to eat defines who you are.

During this one hour (60 minutes) tour, I want you to gain as much knowledge as possible, as well as learn the best tips and tricks for healthy shopping on a budget.

  • where to shop in the store
  • how to determine fresh produce
  • how to buy fresh produce for cheap
  • understanding product ingredients and nutritional facts
  • understanding some of the most common swaps for healthier options
  • MYTH: do you really need to buy organic?
  • produce codes to find whether they were conventionally, organically, and/or genetically modified grown

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover 

Want to be healthier but every time you open your cabinets or fridge, you get tempted by whats inside? This is pretty common. If so, you need a kitchen cleanse.

In one hour we will go through your cupboards and sort through every product you have ever bought.

You will learn the benefits and potential side effects with what you have in your kitchen, and why it may be plateauing your healthy lifestyle.

Don’t worry, you are not alone. A great way to start a healthy lifestyle is to clean your kitchen, because it’s where we spend a lot of our time preparing, cooking, baking, socializing, and gathering with friends.

Get to know it better so that you can propel your healthy lifestyle to the next level.

Let’s do a complete renovation to your lifestyle!

*Note: You must live in the GTA area. Within 30 km of downtown core. If you live outside of the GTA please email, and we can try to accommodate!


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